Page for Pertinent News Regarding WinMac


WinMac 4.9.1 is now available. Offers all of the service packs and betas as well as a few new updates in one big package.
WinMac 4.9.0 Service Pack 2 has been unleashed. Adds a neat bar resizing feature to OS X view. Important Note: You must install 4.9.0 BEFORE you install Service Pack 2!
WinMac 4.9.0 Service Pack 1 is available for download. It fixes a few bugs in 4.9.0. Important Note: You must install 4.9.0 BEFORE you install Service Pack 1!
WinMac 4.9.0 has been released! Mac OS X View now looks like Mac OS X 10.2. Also included in this release is the new WinMac System Profiler. In other news, the counter on the left should be working properly now.
WinMac 4.8.2a released today. It is just 4.8.2 packaged in a self-extracting EXE. This should fix the corrupted archive problem. The next release of WinMac is due shortly.
The WinMac 4.8.2 build is ready for the world to enjoy. Read up on it if you wish.
Spruced up the site with some new buttons that more closely resemble those you'd find in Aqua. Hope you enjoy.
We're now offering access to the WinMac 4.8.1 download and version changes. This is major stuff, people.
WinMac 4.8.0 is out. Here, we have a download link and a version history link. Whoa smack.
WinMac 4.7.0 has been released! Download it here, or browse this new version's information.
Wow. We are still developing WinMac after all! Here comes a groundbreaking announcement to draw to a close everyone's long wait: WinMac v4.5.2, is out. Download it. You know you want to. Well, if you're especially hard-to-persuade, maybe some new version information will get you to lickin' your chops.
WinMac v4.5.0, which addresses some lingering issues, has been released. Download or peruse the changes in this new version.
First, we at the WinMac Team would like to wish all our users a happy and prosperous New Year. We also feel that an apology and WinMac status update are in order. Most importantly, we are very sorry for having virtually disappeared from the map since August. We realize that we have been remiss on feature updates and bug fixes. With that said, we have been going through a particularly stressful period, with many college applications to complete. Now that the process is just about wrapped up, however, we can return the focus to WinMac development. We are currently targeting a minor service update sometime within the next week, with a more substantial release soon to follow. We thank you for your patience and hope you enjoy future releases of WinMac.

-The WinMac Team

WinMac v4.4.0 released. Download it, or check the Version History page for information about this update.
Added WinMac RC5 clients to downloads page. Check out the WinMac RC5 Effort Page, and help us win!
WinMac v4.3.5 released. Includes various bug fixes, code improvements, About Box improvements, and a shiny, sexy new version number. Download it-you won't regret it.
WinMac v4.3.0 released. Includes new Mac OS X Server view! WinMac now features 5 different Mac OS views!
WinMac v4.2.2 released. Processor List updated.
WinMac v4.2.0 released. Be sure to check it out.
WinMac v4.0.0 released! New web site format introduced. Happy Holidays and enjoy.
Michael Goodine of E-Maculation has written a really good article about WinMac. It traces WinMac from v1.00 all the way to v4.00. Definitely worth a peek. Also, you should check out E-Maculation's main site. It offers a lot, and I personally check it every day for news.
CPU Utility v2.0 (needs WinMac to be installed beforehand) will now work with Intel, AMD, Cyrix, WinChip, and Rise processors. I currently need this information on the following processors (List Updated: 07/20/00):
WinMac has finally moved! WinMac now finds itself on features a slew of emulation sites, definitely worth a peek. As for WinMac, all previous versions will be reposted under the new modular scheme.